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Police Jobs: Salary and Benefits

The work of a police officer is difficult and very dangerous, but without the police, citizens cannot exist in peace. Police officers are law enforcement officers who protect citizens' lives every day. It should be understood that the everyday life of the police is not only chases and dangers but also working with the civilian population and cooperation with territorial organizations and government officials.

But for those people who are ready to take responsibility and risk their lives for the sake of the well-being of citizens, the state has provided not only a good salary but also other benefits.


The salary you will receive will differ depending on the position, length of service, and other merits. However, the cop salary starts at $20.35 per hour.

$20.35 per hour is the recruits' salary while attending a basic law enforcement course.
$25.44 per hour - the trooper of a probationary soldier.
$26.68 per hour - a soldier's trooper after a probationary period.

Equipment and Uniforms

You don't have to spend money on suits or any other clothes. Regardless of which deportation you choose, the department will provide you with a form and everything you need to work.

Vacation and Sick Leave

A police officer's vacation is from 15 to 24 days a year, depending on the length of service. In total, you can take 10 paid holidays per year.

Sick leave is provided for 12 days a year.

Health and Life Insurance Group Benefits

The State of Montana has developed a comprehensive group insurance program that includes medical plan options with prescription drug coverage and vision tests, a dental plan, an employee assistance program (EAP), life insurance options, flexible billing options, and long-term care insurance. The government contribution covers most of the cost of "basic" medical, dental, and basic life insurance for a military member; members of the armed forces can obtain additional insurance for themselves or their dependents at an additional cost. A health promotion program is also available, designed to reduce overall insurance costs through wellness and prevention classes and a two-year physical examination.

Retirement Benefits

Police officers receive full pension benefits after 20 years of service.


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