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Frequently Asked Questions

I sent in my registration to test but haven’t received anything confirming it was received.

You will not receive anything in the mail until after the deadline for that testing cycle. After the deadline you will receive a registration card in the mail.


I called the telephone list, but nobody answers.

Our office does not have someone there at all times during the day. Please leave a message and our support staff will call you back.


Is it okay to send a personal check?

No, MTLETC only accepts Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, or you can Register Online.


Do I send my registration 30 days before my testing date?

Registrations to test have to be sent 30 days before the first testing date in the testing cycle. Refer to the testing schedule for the correct deadline.


What if I don’t have my DD214 for Veteran’s Preference when I send in my registration?

We will accept DD 214 for Veteran’s Preference up to the testing date.


If I do not pass one of the tests (written or MPAT) will I have the opportunity to take the test again or do I have to wait for the next testing cycle?

If you are not successful on either the written test or MPAT you will have to re-register for the next testing cycle and take both the written and MPAT again.


I have taken the same test with another agency, can my scores transfer to the consortium?

No, candidates must test with the consortium at one of their testing sites to be eligible with agencies that are members of MTLETC.


Do I have to sign up for the practice session?

No, candidates can just show up at the listed practice sessions.


I have lost my confirmation e-mail and can’t find the location of the testing.  How can I find the location address?

The testing locations are listed under “Testing Dates”.  Confirmation e-mails are required to check in at the testing site.  If you have lost your confirmation please e-mail us under “Contact Us” and request another copy.


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